ECE Curriculum Flowchart

ECE Curriculum Flowchart

ECE Curriculum Flowcharts

The flowcharts below provide similar content as the Advising & Progress Sheet, but with the additional information on the prerequisites. It is the policy of the ECE Department to enforce the prerequisites of all of our classes to ensure your success in all classes that have a prerequisite.

Please note that the University's general education requirements have changed in 2018 and are now branded as Rowan Core. The ECE program flowchart with both the legacy general education and the new Rowan Core requirements are shown below.

You are under the new Rowan Core model if you entered the program in Fall 2018 or later as a Freshman. If you entered the program as a transfer student before Fall 2019, or as a Freshman prior to Fall 2018, then you are under the legacy General Education model.

You can also download the PDF versions of the ECE Curriculum flowchart with legacy General Education Model as well as the ECE Curriculum flowchart with the new Rowan Core Model.