Rowan University - The College of Engineering

Rowan University - The College of Engineering

Cadence University Program at Rowan University*

The Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools: EDA software and hardware enables all aspects of the design of integrated circuits from individual transistors to the development of fully customized application circuits. Cadence provides the full complement of EDA Tools used at Rowan University, semiconductor intellectual property (IP), which includes pre-verified building blocks for memory controllers, interface protocols, or specialized processors that are integrated into System-on-Chip (SoC) hardware.

Rowan University
Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering
Dean: Dr. Anthony Lowman

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chair: Dr. Robi Polikar



Dr. Linda M. Head,

Undergraduate VLSI Design

Dr. Sangho Shin,

Post-CMOS nanoelectronic VLSIs and computing systems, neuromorphic and bioelectronic sensor systems, high-performance data-intensive memory systems, energy-efficient analog/digital/mixed-signal circuit technologies, and memristors and memristive systems.

Introductory/intermediate level: Analog/Digital Electronics, Circuit and Systems Theory, Feedback Systems, Logic Design, High-Speed Digital Design, VLSI Systems.
Advanced graduate level: Analog/digital/mixed-mode CMOS ICs, Memristors and Memristive Systems, Low-power and High-speed VLSI Systems, Sensory and Memory Systems.

Software Technical Support:

Mario Leone,


Digital I, ECE 09.241

Computer Architecture, ECE 09.243

Electronics II: VLSI Design, ECE 09.312

Digital II: Microprocessors, ECE 09.342

Junior/Senior Clinic, ENGR 01 301,302,401,402

Topics in VLSI Design, ECE 09.402, 504

Architectures of Digital Signal Processing, ECE 09.451

Introduction to Embedded System Design, ECE 09.456/556

Introduction to System-on-Chip Verification, ECE 09.469/569

Mixed Signal Technology, ECE 09.484

Emerging Topics in Computer Engineering, ECE 09.490

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