Combat Systems Engineering

Combat Systems Engineering

Certificate of Undergraduate Studies in Combat Systems Engineering


In collaboration with Lockheed Martin Company, the ECE department is now offering a truly unique certificate program, called Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) in Combat Systems Engineering (there is also a Certificate of Graduate Studies (COGS) in Combat Systems Engineering (CSE)described in the Graduate Studies section of our website). These certificate programs - the only such programs in the nations - are intended to help develop the growing workforce needs of the area’s prominent defense industry. In fact, all classes are taught in cooperation with Lockheed Martin engineers. Active participation and successful completion of this program can certainly increase your chances of getting one of those highly sought-after and well-paying defense industry positions. This program is most closely aligned with electrical and computer engineering topics, and therefore offered by the ECE Department. However, it is open to any engineering student who has an interest in the field. Non-ECE students should pay close attention to the prerequisites of the classes in this CUGS. 

 The four courses in CUGS are

  • ECE 09.423           Introduction to Radar Systems (prerequisite: ECE 09.341 Signals & Systems)
  • ECE 09.424           Introduction to War Gaming and C4ISR (Prerequisite: Senior standing)
  • ECE 09.425           Introduction to Command and Control (prerequisites: ECE 09.321 or ME 10343)
  • ECE 09.426           Introduction to Weapon Systems (prerequisites: MATH 01230 and PHYS 00220)

Note that the university rules allow up to two classes in a CUGS program to be counted towards graduation requirements of the associated major degree.


ECE Students: Of these four classes, two of them – ECE 09.423 Introduction to Radar Systems and ECE 09.425 Introduction to Command and Control – will count towards ECE BS degree requirements, whereas the remaining two classes, ECE 09.424 Introduction to War Gaming and C4ISR and ECE 09.426 Introduction to Weapon Systems need to be taken in addition to all other regular ECE requirements.

Non-ECE students should check with their departments and advisors.